6 Best Screen Recording Apps on Android

6 Best Screen Recording Apps on Android - Basically, recording the screen on an Android smartphone has been done for years. But the ability and quality is still very limited, before we have to bother because it requires root access.

Screen recorder application? As I thought, something like this could have a wide impact in this era of millennial technology, something like this shouldn't be weird in 2019.

The existence of this feature can be used as a positive and a negative simultaneously, so it is as a matter of fact, when we are using it, when we use the technology, it is only when we are using it, when we are using it, when we are using it. media and Gameplay when playing a game for example. 

Screen recorder, or so-called screen recording, is to record smartphone screen activity when we need it for certain needs. For example, like recording tutorials, to record games that we play and other activities.

Anyway, this technology is very useful in this millennial era, but in terms of losses, as features like us can be used as a tool that is considered terrible, because we record and seem to steal something that is responsible for us in use for our use. personal interests they don't know about.

With the rapid advancement of technology, Google has now introduced Android 5.0 Lollipop, which might make it possible for you to record the Android screen without needing root access. So you can make videos about tutorial tips and tricks on your games or gaming activities so much easier.

What is the impact of Screen Recorder?

In playing games there is certainly a lot of experience that sometimes can be educational, joking (trolling), just for example Gameplay, and in which contexts are important in this screen. in supporting their activities right?

We can take the Youtuber for example, a lot of successful YouTubers who started just by recording their Gameplay and containing spontaneous comments when playing a game. 

Even sharing and uploading a gameplay video into social networking sites is not a rarity for today, it can be said to be one of the lifestyle behind the need for content to support the existence of individuals in the virtual world, especially social media.

There are a number of applications in the Play Store that have been developed specifically for recording screens. Here we present 6 of the Best Screen Recording Apps on Android:

1. YouTube Gaming

Beginning in April, Google finally officially released the YouTube Gaming channel in Indonesia, which contains video games and live streaming related to the game. Google calls it "the largest community of gamers on the internet".

This YouTube Gaming application is available on Android and iOS devices. After watching videos of games, you can also record the screen while playing games or other applications using this application. In addition, we will also be able to directly upload it to YouTube or just save it in the phone memory.

There is one interesting feature of this YouTube Gaming application, which is mobile capture that can display your face while recording the screen. This feature certainly makes it easier for you to appear at the same time on screen recordings without the help of a special video editor.

2. Rec. (Screen Recorder)

While Rec has been present for a long time, this application will not be simple. Because you can't set the bitrate, resolution, and time control. There is no time limit for the duration of the recording, so you can record as much as your memory runs out. 

The results of the recording is also not a watermark. Rec (Screen Recorder) also has a Pro version, so you can get rid of ads and can access deeper settings, like preset video quality.

3. Lollipop screen recorder

Lollipop screen recorder application is quite simple, you only need to press the button to start recording the screen. 

The settings are also quite complete, you can adjust the bitrate, video orientation, resolution, start delay and choose where to save the recorded video file.

4. AZ Screen Recorder

This application is certainly one that is familiar to you, because it is currently recommended in every discussion of the screen recorder application. AZ Screen Recorder has a lot of features, starting from video resolution control, orientation, frame rate, bitrate and adding watermarks or text. 

You will also be able to upgrade to the premium version to show video overlays from the front camera, video editor, GIF converter and other options.

5. Mobizen Screen Recorder

The application will Mobizen Screen Recorder will configure the settings and match the hardware capabilities of your device after you install it. 

By default the recorded video will have a watermark, but you will also get rid of it through the settings. You may also trim or cut screen recordings.

6. ADV Screen Recorder

The last screen recorder application, which is ADV Screen Recorder, might make it possible for you to create videos on the smartphone screen. Because you can usually draw or doodle on the screen.

With this application you will also be able to make video tutorials easier. Interestingly, we will also add footage from the camera to the video.

Those are the 6 Best Screen Recording Apps on Android that have their advantages and disadvantages. You can try it one by one or use some of the applications that best suit your needs. It's always useful.