Understanding Google Maps - With the form of map services that are famous for its strengths, Google Maps will display images of street locations and levels of traffic jams that exist throughout the world. 

Even Google Maps itself provides the shape or appearance of the planet so that the earth and also the details in it are there. Google Maps can be accessed in various places starting from tablet computers or mobile phones, as long as the internet or network will run well and also smoothly. 

To use Google Maps to the fullest, it requires at least an internet network connection that runs at least smoothly. Connection that has stalled could potentially make Google Maps an error. 

1. Data Google Maps

The first unique fact from Google Maps is the data or documents that are owned by the application. Some of the combined data from water satellite that is also street-level. Google Maps has more than 20 petabytes of data which is equivalent to 21 million Gigabytes or 20,500 terabytes. 

In fact, this data is not something to play for an application or server. So that Google Maps with a weight that is large enough to be able to store a lot of data and also a cross section of the area with detail.

2. Private Area

Next, there is an issue regarding the private area. How about the private area that is located in the Google area? The owners of satellites can disguise some private areas before images from the satellite have been received by Google. 

The government also can petition satellite owners to disguise geographic areas that are considered sensitive, or should not be seen by the general public. Given Google Maps itself can be accessed by anyone and also at any time. Generally, several regions or countries that have no open areas and also may not be exposed. 

Some countries also have an agreement with Google and also the submission. So that later Google will disguise the area or not show clearly. Generally Google only displays all areas or plots of land that are faint or visible from a distant camera.

3. In the Building

If we talk about unique facts next, there are several countries that provide access to the Museum and also the buildings that exist in streetview. However, only a few countries have worked with Google to support the development of their technology. 

On the other hand, many business owners also ask Google to be able to provide access to the building where they are operating, so that many public who see it.

This is actually included in one of the promotions that can be done online. Google has collaborated with thousands of business owners in 8 countries, so that they can bring streetview technology into their buildings. 

Currently there are already the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the Netherlands, Canada, and also France, which is the country that works in the same way with Google. After all, the users can also see see some of the parts that are in the White House in the United States.

4. Camera Quality

You certainly wonder after seeing Google Maps that is detailed and also accurate; What cameras are used by Google workers? Although it is still in the experimental stage, Google apparently uses a camera system that has 15 lenses and can produce photos with a resolution of 65 megapixels. 

This lens will be placed in a car with a GPS engine, so the camera will capture areas that are accurate according to the coordinates or GPS. This camera itself is rarely known when it is used by Google employees when retrieving data.

5. Access narrow areas

So how much will the Google Maps team take the streetview area? If the road is not normally traversed by cars or on narrow roads such as SUVs, Google also uses tricycles or special trolleys, even under certain conditions including snowmobiles. 

The tricycle is used to take pictures of campus parks, stadiums, and also areas that are not reachable by cars and have areas such as stairs. Trolleys are used to take pictures in buildings, and snowmobiles are used to take pictures in areas that are full of snow, especially in polar areas.

6. Face Disguises

The next unique fact will be to disguise every face of someone who does not appear in streetview. Is it true? Perhaps often you will see Google Maps and also see some people who have faces that are clear, but some do not. This is because Google uses automatic technology that can disguise the faces of people who appear in streetview. 

Users also may ask for more detailed disguises. If the face of a person is felt to be unclear. However, this is often not at issue by the community as long as the people are just the surrounding community who are walking or doing daily activities.

7. Camera recording

A Google spokeswoman admitted that sometimes they did not get a decent picture report from Google Maps users, but in the streetview area. This of course is related to areas that are very accurate. 

But the problem is that the camera records when many events that should not be seen or deemed appropriate. Google routinely monitors usage reports as they handle these complaints. So when you look at Google Maps and you feel there is an area or event that is not good for general viewing, you can report directly to the Google team.

8. Data Update

The last factor is how much Google Maps images are updated depending on the availability of water image data and satellites are updated every two weeks. While the street view image can be updated as soon as possible. 

Even though there is no definite time because it depends on the weather conditions and also the traffic. Generally, the review itself has a picture that is only about 2 weeks but for students who have good quality or weather, Google will update it every 1 week.

Guide to Using Google Maps

For Techniques That Are Easier Can follow the method below;

Enter coordinates to find a place

On your computer, open Google Maps.
In the search box at the top, type your coordinates. Here is the format that works:
Degrees, minutes and seconds (DMS): 41 ° 24'12.2 "U 2 ° 10'26.5" T
Decimal degrees and minutes (DMM): 41 24.2028, 2 10.4418
Decimal degrees (DD): 41.40338, 2.17403
The pin will appear in your coordinates.

Get the coordinates of the place

On your computer, open Google Maps. If you use Maps in Lite Mode, you will see a lightning mark in the lower part and you won't get the coordinates of the place.
Right-click a place or area on the map.
Select Anything here?
At the bottom, you will see a card with coordinates.

Tips on formatting coordinates

Here are some tips for formatting coordinates to work on Google Maps:

Use the degree symbol, not "d".
Use a decimal point, not a comma. Incorrect: 41,40338, 2.17403. Correct: 41.40338, 2.17403. 

Enter latitude coordinates as longitude coordinates.
Make sure the first number in the latitude coordinates is -90 and 90.
Make sure the first number in the longitude coordinates is between -180 and 180.