Creating articles with copy and paste belonging to other people without prior approval or copying the writings of other people did not tell the original source of some by stealing other people's work, the culture like this does not seem to be endless because it tells a lot of the original source of some by stealing other people's work, culture like this as if there was no end because there are so many bloggers doing so.

By any means, they will do it by getting other people's articles, so they will automatically make use of the site's feed in bloggers, this way is the way that most do and even if they copy other articles.

And cases like this have ever been experienced when only the articles in my blog are in copas of other people, either souvenir tumbler murah, beli aja di souvenirku.id I mean I just don't know. Obviously bloggers like that might not have the ability to write well, lazy, in an instant way, and maybe not have a brain.

Why do bloggers do this a lot ?, Because copy paste is the easiest way to increase the number of posts in a blog and the more posts, blog visitors will definitely increase, but of course this will have a negative impact or negative effect on both blogs.

So this is the time I will tell other blogger friends the impact or effect will only occur if the results of the blog from copy-paste and blog in copy and paste the article.

Immediately, see the explanation below that:

Bad Impacts and Negative Effects for Blog Copy Paste Results

The first impact, of course, for the Blog that results from copy paste, If the blog is known to have copied and pasted by the original owner, then the blog has been reported to the authorities. In cases like this Google has already provided a complaint service that is Google's DMCA.

If the blog has been reported and proven to be in violation, the blog will get a prize from Google, namely:

1. Get a Google rating.
Blog owners from the results of copy and paste articles will get a reprimand for their e-mail, Google will ask to update or edit articles that prove the results of copy and paste other people's articles.

2. Articles or blog posts will be deleted.

If the article or post is proven to be the result of copy and paste another article, then the Google will delete it from indexing and will not be found in any search engine.

3. The blog will be deleted.

The more the blog is carrying out activities that violate it, the more Google will reprimand or permanently violate the provisions of the blog.
the result for copy paste blogs and blogs that copy and paste

4. The blog will feature AdSense.

Terms for the blog to be accepted by AdSense, one of which will comply with all the policies from Google, if the blog has been proven to be a failure, then the blog has not been considered to have been received or approved by Google when it was invented by Google.

But only sanctioned from Google, the blog results from copas will definitely be in a bad stamp by other bloggers, and certainly the blog that has been in copy and paste will spread the blog as wide as it will be known by the public and has clearly reported to many people who have participated in the copy and paste. Google

Adverse Effects and Negative Effects for Blogs that are Affected by Copas

After having an impact and effect on blogs that have been copas, it turns out that blogs that have been exposed to copas will also be affected and the effects will not have the same effect on the development.

1. Affected by Duplicate / Plagiarism Content.

Duplicate or Plagiarism of content that is similar to or similar to other content, if we do not know the content of which we are reporting and the results of our articles are stolen by Google, we will not know the content and the results of our articles. need to know as time goes on our blog will get a bad reputation in the eyes of Google, because Google really hates these two things.

2. Difficult to Penetrate Google's Page Rank 1.

We all know how difficult it is to make our content usually on the first page on Google, and if you don't immediately report it, Google has said that your articles are already stolen by others, trying so that you can make your blog rank 1 Google and try to steal it from others. drain.

3. The decline in the number of visitors on the blog.

The worse the blog in the eyes of Google will decrease its ranking in search engines, and that will result in a decrease in the number of visitors or the number of visitors to your blog.

4. Loss of Reader Readership.

In the case that is natural, blogs that copy and paste articles postback the time and date of the post, made as if the blog was the first to create such content.
And of course visitors who have read my articles and blog articles that copy and paste my opinion will think that I am just a copas and that will make the trust of readers of the blog I lost or reduced.

That was the consequences that will be received for blogs that like copy and paste articles of other people and for blogs that have become victims of copas bloggers naughty.