Just do you do when you open facebook, maybe for some people open facebook just to see the status of other people, right, but for a long time you will definitely look bored and not like cum, just like there isn't anything special, 

and especially for young people nowadays, it doesn't feel like a day doesn't update the status of the game status or where the road goes, so everyone will write everything on Facebook. So instead of making writing that is plain and there is nothing interesting at all there is no harm in trying to make writing that is unique and trendy.

well in 2019 this is bombing about how to make unique writing on Facebook that is current, so here for us there is what is known as how to make unique writing on Facebook, so that there are ways to make our status unique, so here for us there is what is known as how to make unique writing on Facebook. Who is curious as to how to make writing that is contemporary, let's listen and understand how to make writing that is unique and trendy.

How to make unique, cool and interesting writing on Facebook.

1. How to create a reverse script with facebook status

How do you write, but the writing can be closed like that, usually the direction of the writing is from left to right, but this writing is reversed into the right direction left.

Posts like this tu like we are writing and we are facing the writing towards the mirror, I think it's more like that, guys. Now that's how we can make use of the Upside Down Text application here.

  • Open the site
  • Fill in the text with the writing what you want to make.
  • Adjust the text effects to your liking for you guys.
  • You can just see the results in the column below.
  • Sеtеlаh іtu kаmu left copy copy yes.

2. How to make bold, italic for cool status on Facebook

As a result, there are many that provide a turtorial way to make writing that is italic or bold, but when tested only supports Facebook Lite.

There's nothing wrong when we use the Facebook Lite application. But when it will be up to the status of Facebook then it will be back to normal in Facebook status, what do you do?

So for this day I will give a special tirik so that our writing will remain thick even if our friends see it.

Let's look at how to make italic and bold.
First open the site
On the left, you can enter what you want.
For the results you can see in the right side.
After you get the results you want, you can copy paste it.

So how cool is the result right, so now we can to update your status, you don't have to worry if your writing will change when you start up, even if you use Facebook Lite or other applications.

Oh yes, I would like you to share this tips, so that many of your friends know.
That's part of how to make unique writing on your Facebook, you can read and learn how to make contemporary writing to your status updates, you have more unique ones, you know (Read it here) and guarantee you will be more cool to your friends.