Having a popular blog is a dream for bloggers. From the popularity, the traffic of visitors will increase. As we know, from blogs, we can get money from monetization in the form of advertisements or other marketing methods, such as article placement or paid sponsorship.

We can find out through blog statistics. In this case, blogger for example provides a menu to analyze the statistics of visitors to your blog. 

After that, if you have registered your blog with Google Analytics, it will be even better because the reporting system that is owned by Google Analytics is very complete, but Google Analytics does not provide information about the ranking of the blog.

To find out your blog ranking, you can take advantage of the service provider sites check your blog ranking, Alexa Rank is one of them. The Alexa site provides detailed ranking of your blog outside and locally.

 monetization results in the form of advertisements or other marketing methods KNOW ALEXA RANK
Alexa provides ranking information with you access for free, but to get more complete information, you are required to pay for the package according to your needs.


Alexa Internet, Inc. is also a foreign company based in Califonia, this company provides statistics and web rankings. Alexa is a subsidiary of Amazon. Alexa does the calculation from every traffic. 

This system is set by the alexa which is based on the frequency of visits, the algorithm is calculated by the number of traffic that is recorded by the user who has the Alexa Toolbar which is installed by the user in their web browser.

This traffic is based on parameters, such as the achievement of a blog and the speed at which a page is displayed. This counts according to how long visitors come to your blog, how many times your page is viewed, and from which source the blog originated.

Alexa ranking results in the millions, these results are calculated with a total of websites that exist throughout the world and locally. To try it you can visit the site. 

As for this maspenyo blog, this blog has already existed and started to be built in 2019, of course the rankings don't yet exist. As the days go by, the ranking gets smaller. The smaller ranking on alexa, proves that there is progress on a blog / website.


Until now, Alexa is believed to be a standard ranking of blogs and websites. And many benefits that you can get from Alexa, other benefits:

  • Alexa can be used as an intelligence tool to check your blog / website,
  • Seeing competitors about their popularity in cyberspace,
  • As a comparison from Google PageRank, the lower your ranking number, the better,
  • Helping you as an owner and webmaster improve the performance and potential of blogs,

From the results of Alexa's analysis, your blog is most likely glanced by advertisers. The better the ranking, the higher the offer to buy space on your blog.

I just don't know with this online tool that was developed by All bloggers in the world surely know with this online tool. 

Alexa is one of the measuring tools that at this time has become one of the indicators that is important to measure the reputation of the web, with our alexa it will be easier to find out how good our site is, get a high ranking and find out which quality backlinks.

Alexa is one of the most important tools for ad publishers, Many online marketing uses alexa as one indicator to find out the reputation of the web. With alexa ranking getting smaller the web position is very good for search engines. 

Alexa calculates the ranking of sites starting from tens of millions of people at zero point which is now held by So is alexa really important for your site? Of course it's important to know the reputation of the web from time to time.

Today there are hundreds of millions of websites on the world of Interenet and this number is sure to continue to grow. This is where the role of alexa as an appraisal site that gives ratings to websites such as the level of popularity.

There is no detailed explanation of how the assessment techniques are carried out by the team from Alexa in determining the ranking of every website or blog. But clearly the judges on do not work on bribery :) and the standard rules in the assessment are the smaller the alexa rank number that is owned by a website or blog, the better.

As for this, some of the website ranks Alexa 1 to 3.

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Youtube

The level of popularity of the 3 websites has already been doubted, and I am sure you will know him.

How get a rank with alexa?

Only websites or blogs that have been registered will get a ranking from Alexa. So if you want a website or a blog, the value of alexa you have to register it first. 

Benefits of registering alexa.

Registering Alexa is not just for showing off summaries. But there are other features that are far more important for monitoring functions such as:

1. Traffic Stats This feature displays the statistics of your blog visitors. 

These features include:
  • Traffic Rank is a chart of alexa rank changes on a particular time scale.
  • Reach is the percentage of blog visits on a certain time scale.
  • Page views the average number of pages that are opened in one visit.
  • Bounce percentage of visitors who come only visit one page
  • Time on site The length of time you visit your blog
  • Search percentage of visitors who come from search engines

2. Search Analytic is a list of keywords that are the most sought after by blog visitors and through the search engines.

And there are many other features, which are no less important.

Alexa rank and Google page rank are the clearest indicators for assessing the popularity of any website